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Tuning Forks Sound Therapy

Tuning Fork Sound Therapy is a deeply relaxing healing therapy which works by spending specific vibrations & frequencies through your body.

The forks promote well-being, aid with stress and mental health issues, pain management and so much more.


The forks are all pitched to a particular frequency and travel through you at a molecular level.  The Chakra balancing kit is used to aid deep relaxation and is used to balance the major Chakra system.  It will assist with healing from top to toe, allowing rectification and even repair of cells.


The DNA fork, also known as the tone of the universe, or the miracle tone will be washed through you, repairing damaged DNA and bring relaxation to a new level.


The 123Hz Ohm fork is used to assist with mental clarity, bringing positivity and motivation and is very powerful for relieving stress.


The 50Hz fork will then be placed directly to the body at specific points to aid aches and pains, nerve related problems and arthritic conditions.


There is no other therapy out there quite like it, with immediate effects.

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