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About Liz

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I've been a working medium for nearly 30 years.


My journey began as a child when I realized my abilities were unique. At 15, I bought Tarot cards, but I refrained from using them without proper knowledge. In 1998, after giving birth to my first child, I awakened spiritually, joining a local Spiritualist church and a development circle. I continued to develop as a Medium.

Mediumship is my primary focus, connecting you with loved ones in the spirit world. I'm not a fortune teller and can't predict lottery numbers. My goal is to provide evidence of life after death and offer guidance. Tools like Tarot cards and crystal balls can provide insights and help you make changes. Meditation keeps you balanced.

I've trained as a Reiki practitioner, crystal healer, spiritual healer, Ayurvedic Massage therapist, Tuning Fork sound therapist, and more. In 2022, I completed my gong master training.

I'm open to various cultures and religions, seeing Spiritualism as a way of life. I've travelled extensively, most recently to India, Peru, and Japan, exploring the meaning of life.


I aim to guide and mentor others on their life journeys, offering support and development opportunities.

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