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Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao beans or seeds come from the fruit of the Cacao tree and they are full of nutrients.  

Cacao is stimulating like coffee but with no caffeine and it is also NOT a psychedelic and does NOT give you the jitters. 

Its chocolate in its purest form, What more could you want!

A cacao ceremony is where cacao is drank to elevate the spiritual ritual being practised, Its about opening the heart and dropping into that space with an open mind. 


Key benefits?

Opens the heart 

Helps to focus


Good for your mental & physical health

It’s a powerful superfood

Full of anti-inflammatory

Antioxidants flavonoids 

Makes you feel happy

Helps blood to flow

Makes you feel loving & Boosts your mood

Cacao ceremony is done within another event, e.g. a sound bath

Image by Pablo Merchán Montes
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