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Chakra Dancing

Chakra Dancing is a complete workout for the mind body, and soul.  Through spontaneous dance you can free up your natural energy flows, release stress and stagnant emotions. 

Chakra Dancing balances the seven energy points within the body that are situated along the spine, stimulating mental wellbeing. It’s a workout for everyone from the inside out!

It’s suitable for all ages and abilities and as your moving and dancing at your own pace there is nothing to little or too much, everything is in your own time.

There is no following an instructor; you will be guided through the chakras using different types of music. 

The music is powerful and reflects each chakra from tribal drums to funky jazz and Tibetan bowls and chanting. 

We all vibrate at different frequencies which link to specific areas of the body, during this time you will free up energy stagnation, promoting physical, mental and emotional release.

You are fully supported in a safe and nurturing space, Chakra dancing is great fun with laughter and tears but “Let’s Funk it out, Shake it off, be crazy for a while.  Let go of inhibitions and judgements, just be FREE!!!

Very often we combine our chakra dancing sessions with mindful meditation for the perfect combination for a unique experience that creates wellbeing and relaxation.  A time for you to trial both areas and see what’s for you.

Mindful meditation is a gentle guided meditation to deeply relax you and relieve stress.  Going deep within yourself we will explore become completely at one with yourself, reset and restore.  Unearthing deep within the unconscious mind to gain wisdom knowledge and clarity.


Key Benefits:

•    Receive Healing

•    Reduces anxiety & depression

•    Has a positive effect on mental, emotional & physical Health

•    It’s a Great Workout without the worry of following set moves.

•    Rebalancing, restores and relaxes the mind, body and soul.

•    Releases stress and promotes feel good factor

•    Helps fatigue and feel empowered.

•    Time to Self Express; Just feel the music and express in your own way

•    Have self awareness

It’s a journey of self discovery. Prepare yourself, Honour yourself, and enjoy the moment.

What you need to bring?

Water to drink 

Comfortable clothing

Trainers or bear feet

A big smile!

A journal (optional)

Session information:

The cost is £18 per person

The session lasts for 2 hours 

I always recommend to write in a journal your experience as each time can be very different to the next.

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